Introduction to Architectural Rendering

Ever wondered what all the fuss about Architectural rendering is? This video explains it all!

(note: some you may have watched this already, but it's a good chance for a refresh!)

In the video you will discover:

  • What the whole point of Architectural rendering is
  • Why you should care about any of this
  • Whether or not you need formal education
  • The Core Underlying Principles that Make up Architecture (the good stuff!)

I've skimmed away the fat, to give you the absolute essentials that you need to understand architecture, and get started creating your own awesome scenes.

Truth be told, I used to be just like you. Confused, frustrated and stumped on how to make my own architecture scenes that actually look good. But after spending a solid year reading architecture books, articles, interviews, travelling to Japan, and practicing photography, I think I've finally cracked pandoras box... and now I'm ready to pass that information on to you.

Once you've watched the video, download the Starter Pack and put it into practice :)

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blender beginner ^^

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What blender version was used?

Is this still up to date or is it noe the “old fashion way”? i mean is it still worth to enroll on the course?

  • It is all done in cycles and everything is still very relevant. After owning the course I can say that it is worth every penny. You will get a thorough education on architecture, art, and 3D modeling.

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Very Good.

I think this just changed my reason for learning and using blender. Cool!


Thank you so much Sir. If it wasn’t for u, I don’t know how would I animate any thing. (From India)