Lots of questions! Here's some answers.

Heeeeaps of people are sending in questions about The Architecture Academy!

So here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Q. How do I join?
A: Go here and click the Buy Now button at the bottom


Q: What actually is The Architecture Academy?
A: It's an online membership portal that gives you access to training, models, textures and everything you need to create your own architectural scenes in Blender. 


Q: I heard there are different member levels? What's that about?
A: There are three member levels you can join as: Basic, Gold or Platinum. Everyone has access to the tutorials, but Gold and Platinum will get extra stuff like models, textures and HDRS.


Q: Will I need a fancy machine to follow the tutorials?
A: Not really. I'd say any machine bought in the last 5 years will be fine. If you have a nVidia CUDA enabled card, you'll be able to render faster, but really any machine will work.

Q: Is there a schedule I need to follow, because I'm pretty busy man.
A: Nope. The modules will be released weekly, but once unlocked they'll remain unlocked forever. So you can return at any time to watch them.


Q: My internet sucks. Can I download the videos?
A: Yep. Every video inside the course has a download link directly beneath it. 


Q: Is there a deadline to join?
A: Nope. Once opened, the course will stay open indefinitely.


Q: I'm a complete beginner to Blender. Should I join?
A: You can, but I recommend that you have at least 3 months experience before joining. There's a lot of advanced tutorials, so if you don't yet know the basics, learn that first.


Q: Can I change my membership level later? (eg. Signup as Basic, then later upgrade to Platinum)
A: Yes! Just send us an email at and we can arrange it. 


Join The Architecture Academy


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