Lots of questions! Here's some answers.

Heeeeaps of people are sending in questions about The Architecture Academy!

So here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Q. How do I join?
A: Go here and click the Buy Now button at the bottom


Q: What actually is The Architecture Academy?
A: It's an online membership portal that gives you access to training, models, textures and everything you need to create your own architectural scenes in Blender. 


Q: I heard there are different member levels? What's that about?
A: There are three member levels you can join as: Basic, Gold or Platinum. Everyone has access to the tutorials, but Gold and Platinum will get extra stuff like models, textures and HDRS.


Q: Will I need a fancy machine to follow the tutorials?
A: Not really. I'd say any machine bought in the last 5 years will be fine. If you have a nVidia CUDA enabled card, you'll be able to render faster, but really any machine will work.

Q: Is there a schedule I need to follow, because I'm pretty busy man.
A: Nope. The modules will be released weekly, but once unlocked they'll remain unlocked forever. So you can return at any time to watch them.


Q: My internet sucks. Can I download the videos?
A: Yep. Every video inside the course has a download link directly beneath it. 


Q: Is there a deadline to join?
A: Nope. Once opened, the course will stay open indefinitely.


Q: I'm a complete beginner to Blender. Should I join?
A: You can, but I recommend that you have at least 3 months experience before joining. There's a lot of advanced tutorials, so if you don't yet know the basics, learn that first.


Q: Can I change my membership level later? (eg. Signup as Basic, then later upgrade to Platinum)
A: Yes! Just send us an email at and we can arrange it. 


Join The Architecture Academy


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Hey! I am trying to buy the gold membership of the architecture academy, but my paypal account is giving me a lot of problems, it just doesn’t want to work , :((( Can I pay in other way? I want to start the course. thanks

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Did not process request from due to Spam Sources…. but this was first time im in this site

I am interested in taking the platinum course, but I understand the course is prepared using Blender version 2.69 and the current version is 2.78. Is the difference minimal enough to be insignificant? Thanks very much.

I like to draw, and i love Architecture. The fact that you can create anything you want architectural are practically the one who designed everything in the world, I just love act.

Hi. Dear Sir.
I am Baek-Sool Sung. and I live in South Korea.

I bought PayPal in your products.

Purchases see below.

Platinum – Architecture Academy
Item # 13 $ 697.00 USD 1 $ 697.00 USD

PayPal transaction ID see below.

May 25, 2016 13:50:19 GMT + 09: 00
Transaction ID: 0FH79598XE1482247

I bought on May 25, 2016.
I have not yet received the goods.

Did you ship the goods?
Please send your shipping status.

Thank you

  • It is a digital product. It does not ship. You should have an email with details.

Hi, I am interested in purchaising your great tuto, but I wonder which blender version is used in these tutorials? Are the new new features such as sky portal used?

hey, the link above that says “join here” just takes you to a purchasing page that shows a Trailer for the packages… but there is no place to create a log in. I have already paid for the Platinum package, without being able to create an account, there for I have no way to access what I just paid for.

  • This happened to me with the Nature academy!!

How much Blender do I need to know to start.

  • just the basic’s


Hi I am working on a video game. I plan on buying the platinum pack and want to know can I use any of the pack commercially. I mainly would like to use some of the textures and furniture.

  • I think he said that you can use the textures comercially in his introduction video, but I’m not sure

(if you don’t yet know the basics learn that first) any recommendation course for th basics

  • CG Cookie ( has a beginners course ;)

Hi I am from Argentina, and on January 26 buy the basic package from account and I have not received any confirmation of purchase. if they can help me with this problem I would appreciate.

in the museum creation , I don’t have root and smooth option in my blender .. my blender version is 2.72 b pls reply

Very interested in this course, but how much of it is actually applicable to real-time rendering? I wonder if I could apply your teachings to game art somehow?

Hi there
If i will buy the PLATINUM pack, when i will receive and how ( i mean on a dvd or link to download) the extras, and models?
thank you