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I really want to become an architect!!!

hi, i’m interested in architectural rendering for virtual reality (eg Oculus Rift), so i would import the blender models into Unity and build for the target platform. Frames per second performance is a key issue (much like if targeting a mobile device). Is there any discussion in the materials or on the forums how to optimize a finished model for performance? perhaps sacrificing your beloved visual quality if necessary :)

  • This won’t answer your question, but if you really want to use Oculus rift and realistic scenery, then you should consider Unreal Engine 4 instead! It just became free to use and There is IMMENSELY better lighting you can make in UE4 than Unity (Source: Own experience) You also won’t get the “Unity” look for your game :)

  • Oh, and to answer your question: the Decimate modifier in Blender will get rid of those pesky extra polygons that cripples your performance in-game

I’m a university student and I’ve contacted with blender, my first projects weren’t the best… but, well… i would love to enter in the Architecture Academy some day!

how about measurements, Do you use them to create your scene,and can you take them out of the scene if the customer needed them ?


blender sucks

  • you dont know how to use it i guess

I’m interested in the basic course. If I have the option of upgrading to Gold or Platinum level at a later date, it would be a tipping point for my decision.

Wow, cool

thats cool!
But why is it so expensive?

You should have a link to login on this page

Hi Andrew, I’m about to buy the basic membership. Will it be possible to buy upgrades to gold and platinum afterwards?
Thanks so much for your efforts!

I´d like to have the course, but I´m from Europe. Could I pay by paypal in euros?

  • Yes, you can – PayPal does that for you :)

Very interested in this course, but how much of it is actually applicable to real-time rendering? I wonder if I could apply your teachings to game art somehow.

  • You can!
    With the Bake tool in the Cycles renderer (that comes with Blender) you can make the textures look just like onde of those renders.
    You probably would have to work on a few material in your game engine to simulate the reflections, glasses e things like that.
    But it totally worth it.

It is amazing.. :o
very Nice!

Very nice tutorial. Thanks a lot!

How to Regiser Here…? How to SIGN UP here…??


Hello, it is possible to buy the basci pack and after to upgrade? Thnk you, Codrin

  • i ask this question and my answer from the staff is YES, you just need to email them which upgrade you want and they will send you a payment link.


What computer is needed to handle the content?. I do not get it:

1. 16GB RAM runs out in almost every scene. At least 8 GB of consumption.
2. GPU always runs out of memory. Mine has 1 GB. And virtually useless. All you have to do with the CPU.
3. For any change in a scene computer freeze for several seconds.
4. And this is the worst: none of this happens with specific software architecture (Revit, Archicad, etc..).

Blender NOT used for architecture?.
Blender NOT used for very large models?.

Hope Reviews. Thank you.

  • Revit and Archicad is mostly cpu based programs that dont use a huge amount of ram. but thos programs is also not compareable with blender when it comes to rendering. the modelling prosess uses mostly the same prossessing powers but when rendring cycles dose a much better job when doing light calculation.

  • For stian,

    I do not complain about the quality of blender but it works. It’s a great software. I hope to improve over time.

    Incidentally, the rendering engine that uses Revit is one of the best on the market: Mental Ray. Payment, of course.