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Architecture Academy is great. The tutorials are well structured and clear to learn. I can only recommend this to everyone who are interessted in high quality blender stuff. The support answered my questions over email in short time. Thank you!

Hi. I’m confused with how this course works, If I pay for the course can I start learning straight away or do I have to wait till some later date? Will I be able to view the tutorials for a limited time?

Are all tutorials using cycles render?

  • yeah

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What version of Blender is used?

Thanks Andrew, looking forward to becoming a member asap.

I am a high school student who is interested in both architecture and 3D modeling. My question is if this requires experience in 3d modeling and is more about architecture. Or if this will cover both the architecture as well as the modeling.

Hello ,i’m actually quite interested in and ready for it ,one small question though ,Andrew you keep saying that it looks good on your portfolio ,but how does it,i mean do we get any certificates or rather an acknowledgement saying that yes i have learnt something from the architecture academy and can use or rather develop any other stuff of my own in the VFX field, cause i’m really into the CG field and and have no idea where to start with,i’m quite familiar with blender and still learning many stuff,but i need a proper guidance,so finally not keeping this too long and simply putting this, will this course really work out for me in my future??

What version is used in this series and how much knowledge of blender is required?

great !!

What kind of computer / software / knowlegde to begni this course?!

  • a software called blender.make sure u have a nice graphic card in ur computer

I really want to become an architect!!!

  • Me too!

hi, i’m interested in architectural rendering for virtual reality (eg Oculus Rift), so i would import the blender models into Unity and build for the target platform. Frames per second performance is a key issue (much like if targeting a mobile device). Is there any discussion in the materials or on the forums how to optimize a finished model for performance? perhaps sacrificing your beloved visual quality if necessary :)

  • Oh, and to answer your question: the Decimate modifier in Blender will get rid of those pesky extra polygons that cripples your performance in-game

  • I have the same question. Recently I move from sketchup to blender, so that my architectual models can fit well in UE4 and in the oculus rift. The question here is, will this hd textures will fit well in UE? and if i have some cool textures from 3dmax, can I export it to blender and ue4?

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I’m a university student and I’ve contacted with blender, my first projects weren’t the best… but, well… i would love to enter in the Architecture Academy some day!

how about measurements, Do you use them to create your scene,and can you take them out of the scene if the customer needed them ?


blender sucks

  • you dont know how to use it i guess

I’m interested in the basic course. If I have the option of upgrading to Gold or Platinum level at a later date, it would be a tipping point for my decision.

Wow, cool

thats cool!
But why is it so expensive?

  • Lots and lots of work gets put into something like this