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What is it?

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Why bother with Architecture?

The Architectural Visualization industy (Archiviz) is continually growing. As new buildings, highrises and houses are being built, CG artists are in demand to visualize them.

Here are just some of the many postings on

If you're a blender hobbyist, and you're looking for a way into the industry, archiviz may get your foot in the door.

It applies to everything

Archiviz isn't just about making buildings. It's also about photorealistic materials, using light to convey emotion, balancing a scene using harmonious elements and breathing life into a static scene.

These lessons and techniques are applicable to almost any field.

Architectural Vizualization teaches you:

  • How to use limited subject matter to tell a story
  • Frame and present a scenes in it's best light
  • Create realistic hardsurface materials
  • Inject personality into your renders


"I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to advance their skills in Blender. Regardless of what career choice you’re pursuing.”

-Brian Ogden, member


My first success...

Last year I launched The Architecture Academy trailer. My first big architectural animation. And it got a massively positive response:


It even made the front page of Reddit!

I was elated. I'd never guessed the public would react so positively.


But I used to be terrible!

I first became interested in cg architecture around 2007. But whenever I attempted it I always got boring, lackluster results, like this:


I had no idea what I was doing. Merely copying photos wasn't helping me understand anything. So it was hit and miss. Without understanding the why behind my actions it was like throwing darts blindfolded, hoping to hit the bullseye.

I tried it a few more times, but with little success I gave up.

...until 2011, when I conducted this survey:

The community made their point. They really, really wanted me to make a course on Architecture.

Reluctantly I agreed...

So I got serious

I set myself the goal of learning everything I could on the topic of Architecture.

There was very little information online, so I bought a stack of books off Amazon, shops in Japan as well as on the Kindle.

I became a sponge for architecture.

The only problem?



The books were dry, and seriously hard to read.

They were full of technical information about building regulations, client relationships and some seriously outdated information on photography.

Honestly, about 90% of these books were completely irrelevant to CG architecture. But nonetheless, I forced myself to read them, and I kept a notepad next to me the whole time for jotting down notes:

What I discovered was that buried amongst all that irrelevant information, every couple of pages contained at least one nugget of advice that was applicable to Archiviz.

So I wrote them down as I went, almost filling up an entire notebook.

And from those notes I started connecting the dots to what it all meant.

Coincedently, I visited my sister who lives in Japan. Whereby I took a few days to explore some of the famous architectural sites by Tadao Ando (which you may recognize from a certain short film):

Feeling refreshed and confident, I came home, opened Blender and gave it another shot.


Trying what I'd learned...

I'd always wanted to create my dream lounge room. So I decided to focus soley on this, and learn everything there was to know about it.

It wasn't easy or quick, but over the span of 3 months I finally got the hang of it:

It was a process of experimentaion, checking notes, seeking feedback and just plain winging it. But by the end I finally had something I was proud to call my own.

I posted it online and received positive feedback, so I knew I was on to something.

Finishing the lounge room gave me courage. I felt that on some level I understood the topic.

So I plunged further into the architecture field, and attempted to create almost every type of architecture possible.

And after 5 months I was finished:

I shared my work on CGSociety and got lots of praise. So I finally felt I was ready to teach the topic...



The Architecture Academy is the course I wish I had when I started.

It's a complete beginners introduction to the topic of Architecture.

It eases you into the topic, starting with a complete guide to the fundamentals of Architecture. Then weekly modules, furniture modelling, textures and models.

"If you're looking to start a career in archviz, then this is the course for you. It's packed with tips, resources and training that are sure to give you a head start in making architectural stills and animations."

- Kjarten Tysdal
(VFX, Tears of Steel) 



10 Comprehensive Modules

Each tutorial focuses on a completely different genre of architecture. Both interior and exterior, covered extensively.

Each module is packed with information on; precise modelling, photorealistic materials, lighting, realistic vegetation and post-processing.

  • Module 1 - Lounge Room
  • Module 2 - Modern House
  • Module 3 - Museum Foyer
  • Module 4 - Outdoor Pooldeck
  • Module 5 - Kitchen
  • Module 6 - European Building
  • Module 7 - Skyscraper
  • Module 8 - Bathroom
  • Module 9 - Colonial House
  • Module 10 - Cabin in the Woods


"It's all raw - like a guy sitting next to you - and you'll be thankful for it. Anybody who wants to sharpen their Blender skills and improve as an 3D artist can benefit from watching Andrew work - regardless of your level of expertise."

- Colin Levy
(Pixar Artist, Director of Sintel) 


'The Fundamentals' Video Series

5 Part Video Series on the Fundamentals of Architecture

Whilst tutorials can teach you a lot, you won't really improve without understanding the why behind your actions.

This video series solves that.

It saves you from reading hours of books, and breaks it down into easy to understand concepts that are exclusively applicable to CG artists.

-Part 1 - Designing Architecture: Find out how to design your own building from scratch, as well as the cardinal sins to avoid.

-Part 2 - Interior Design: Discover how to arrange and decorate an interior to achieve harmony and balance, whilst still looking lively and interesting.

-Part 3 - Interior Lighting: Find out why most interior lighting setups fail, as well as the 4 essential lighting types that every room needs.

-Part 4 - Photography: How to position the camera to frame your scene correctly. Find out how the camera height, angle and focal length can affect the mood of the render.

-Part 5 - Post-Processing: Discover when and why to use post-processing, as well as how to boost your final image to create something spectacular.

It's everything you'll ever need to know about the theory of architecture, presented in an easy to understand way.


"Andrew encourages you to create your own scenes by providing the theory behind Architecture. It's an excellent resource for anyone wanting to make realistic architectural scenes and get the most out of Cycles. I highly recommend this course."

- Thomas Dinges
(Cycles Developer) 


Furniture Mastery New!

Complete tutorials on furniture and decorations

This exclusive collection of tutorials, walks you through creating your own complex furniture like a tufted leather chair, cushions, a fabric couch, a wicker chair and more.

Once learned, you can create your own array of unique furniture creations that you can call your own.


The Vault


  • 13 Pre-made Architectural Scenes
  • Perfect for hands-on learning

For users who like to learn by exploring, the vault is a valuable resource. It contains all the .blends from the trailer, plus extra scenes not yet released to the public.

Total Value: Basic Membership

or $18 per week for 14 weeks.

Want more? Scroll down to see the Gold and Platinum memberships.


"I was a bit skeptical at first, but after 2 weeks in the course I was definitely proud that I took the plunge. This course pays for itself in no time."

-Patrick Flaherty, Member

What current members are saying...

"Signing up for this course was one of the smartest decisions I've made. I can honestly say that this course led to me getting the job I have in the archiviz industry."

- Taylor Moe

...every digital artists needs to know the fundamentals of interior and exterior rendering taught in this course."

- Bryson Jack

...every minute of these videos were like gold for me. Everything you learn there can give your renderings a whole new style."

- Luca Stampe


Artworks from members...


Want more? Gold Membership

Gold Membership gets you all of the above plus these extra bonuses...

Bonus #1: Architectural Models

181 professional architectural models

  • Created in Blender, for Blender
  • Ready to render. All materials ready for Cycles.
  • Optimized for fast rendering

Perfect for filling up interior scenes. Furniture typically takes hours to model, unwrap and texture, so having a pack on hand is essential. The last thing you want when you're learning is to hit roadblock after roadblock as you're trying to understand how to design interiors.

This pack can be treated like training wheels: enough to get you on the right track. Then in the future, you can create your own.



Bonus #2 : Vegetation Models


  • 41 High Quality Trees & Plants
  • Created for Blender - all Cycles materials
  • Optimized for fast rendering

The biggest culprit to bad exterior renders is a lack of foliage. With this pack you'll never be empty handed.

Background or foreground, these foliage models are guaranteed to look great.


Bonus #3 : Architectural Textures


  • 193 High Resolution Textures!
  • Captured by a professional texture photographer
  • 100% Seamless for easy tiling
  • Includes Spec, Normal & Disp maps for photorealism
  • Up to 6K resolution!
  • Unprecedented sharpness for flawless materials.


Total Value: Gold Membership

or $44 per week for 14 weeks.


"While not going too much into the technical details of the cycles render settings this course is almost like a cookbook for sexy renders of beautiful buildings! Andrew has done a great job of dissecting renders to explain lighting and compositing and where to put your attention when setting your scenes."

- Sebastian König
(Tears of Steel) 


Want more? Platinum Membership

Platinum members receive all of the above, plus these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #5 : Material Library


  • Ready to use photorealistic materials
  • Save time by not having to tweak spec of bump maps. It's ready to go.
  • Handy for comparing numerous materials quickly

If you're working on a deadline, or you want to try out a bunch of different materials at once, then this material library is a must! Append these materials any scene and get realism in a flash.


Bonus #6: 140 Essential Tips eBook


  • Valuable tips on every aspect of Architectural rendering
  • Gathered from countless books, magazines and articles
  • Essential for serious artists

Get you fast access to tips that'll help you push your scene further.

Featuring award winning artworks from 18 artists to demonstrate each point.


Bonus #7: HDR Skydomes


  • 30 Skydomes of sunsets, clear skies and overcast skies
  • A must-have for photorealistic lighting
  • Full 360 degree capture, for scene flexibility
  • Ultra-high resolution: 15,000px X 7,500px
  • 12 EVs for ultimate exposure flexibility

Simply add one of these HDRs as the environment light in Cycles, and your outdoor light setup is complete.


*$900 value, according to similar products on


Bonus #8: Expert Interviews


  • Interview with Bertrand Benoit and Peter Guthrie
  • Considered by many as best in industry
  • Specific advice on improving your scenes and avoiding mistakes
  • Exclusive interview for this course


Total Value: Platinum

or $52 p/wk for 14 weeks

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"Knowing how to make beautiful renders is very hard, yet Andrew has created a comprehensive course that does just this. He's pulled together the design theory and the technical aspects of Cycles to make it all work. Definitely worth the price."

- Brecht Van Lommel
(Lead Cycles Developer)


30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If The Architecture Academy is not what you expected in any way, simply contact me within 30 days and receive a full, 100% refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings. I want you to feel completely satisfied, and if you're not I will gladly refund your payment in full.